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Is Your Copier a Roadblock to Productivity?

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Is your office copier offline more than it's on? With today's readily-available solutions, there's no good reason for your productivity to be impacted by frequent copier downtime. Let's take a look at what you can do to keep your printer and copier in optimal condition.


Kick Start Productivity for the New Year with a New Copier

productive resolution

The stereotypical broken-all-the-time office copier has such a reputation for causing frustration, that it's a rich source for corny workplace jokes. The jokes may be an effective way to relieve stress, but it's rarely funny when reality hits home, and your employees can't do their jobs.


Confused About Copier Service Agreements?

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Copier service contracts vary between providers, so it's important to do your homework before signing a service or maintenance agreement. It's a given that you'll be well protected if you trust your copier dealer, but it's still vital to make sure you understand the details of your service contract to avoid misunderstandings.


Dealing With a Cranky Copier?

person frustrated by out of order printer

Most of us take very little notice of the office copier when everything is working great. When something goes amiss, however, we realize how much we depend on our copier to keep everyday processes on track.

When You Can Fix It Yourself

Here's a look at some common copier issues and what you can do to get back to business ASAP.


Copier? Printer? Multifunction System? What Are the Differences?


If you're a little fuzzy about the differences between copiers, printers, and multifunction systems, that's understandable. The terms are often used interchangeably, but there are significant differences between these three types of imaging technologies. Here's a look at the capabilities and features commonly found in devices from each category.


3 Ways to Protect PHI on Your Copier

hipaa on tablet

If you recently purchased or signed a lease agreement for a new copier, don't assume the new device is automatically HIPAA compliant. The idea that any copier is HIPAA compliant just because it includes the latest security features is a misconception. While technology can help your healthcare facility maintain document security, it's how your staff uses the equipment that determines compliance.


Copier Care: Recycling Your Toner Cartridges

toner recycling box

If your copier could talk, it would probably have a lot to say. It might thank you for the regular maintenance, ask for different paper, or remind you that it needs a software update--but chances are, it would start the conversation by telling you to recycle your toner cartridges. Going green is everyone's responsibility, and, luckily, recycling toner cartridges is an easy and cost-effective way to do just that.


3 Steps to Happier Copiers


There are three things that need to be happy within your business: your people, your customers, and your machines. You're already good at keeping smiles on your employees' and clients' faces, but do you know how to take care of the office copier? Today we'll share three steps to happy copiers (and even happier workers and customers).


3 Steps to a Happier Copier


Your copier is a hardworking part of your workplace, but you probably don't think about it the same way you think about employees. After all, have you ever wondered if your copier is happy? Although machines may not be advanced enough to have human emotion, they'll still let you know when something's wrong by causing copy problems. Luckily, the solution is easy: a little maintenance!


Security Features in Your Next Copier


The perfect copier is out there waiting for you. It's got an ideal combination of features, it's fast and efficient, it's easy on your budget--and, perhaps most importantly, it's full of crucial security features that will keep your data safe. Let's take a closer look at these features so you can recognize them when it's time to pick that perfect copier.

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