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Document Management

Switching to Document Management Saves Time and Money

document management

Electronic document management can bring about radical changes to your company's processes. With paper no longer at the center of every procedure, it's possible to overcome the challenges paper causes the typical organization.

Lower Costs and More Time

Every business could benefit from more time in the day and more money to fund their business objectives. Digital document solutions are known to deliver on both of these benefits.

Document Management Benefits for Your Law Office

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Your legal firm creates and stores thousands of documents every year. The way you manage these documents can make a tremendous difference in day-to-day productivity and ultimately, your firm's year-end balance sheet. Forward-thinking legal teams recognize that adopting an electronic document management system can save them time and money.

The Document Management Advantage

A look at the benefits of document management reveals a long list of compelling benefits for the legal industry.

5 Ways Document Management Delivers Impressive Results

document management

Need another reason to try a document management solution from CPC Office Technologies? Here are five you can count on to deliver results.

Document Management—Your Final Productivity Solution

document management

Have you ever needed to locate a critical document NOW and couldn't find it? Perhaps it was filed somewhere in paper format in a metal filing cabinet or part of your company's shared network folders. The trouble may have started when the file name you expected it to have wasn't the name someone else thought it should have, but whatever the reason, your workday was toast.

These kinds of lost-file scenarios happen to businesses all the time, and they're a significant source of wasted productivity. Fortunately, there's a much better solution.

Streamline Your Processes with Document Management

Document Management

How does information flow through your business? If you don't have a comprehensive solution to answer this question, you're losing time and money. From processing invoices to collaborating on critical projects, there are a considerable number of steps and repetitive processes that could be streamlined with document management.

Here's a summary of how a document management system can reduce the number of steps your employees take to complete everyday tasks.

Get Out of the Office More Often With Document Management

document management

Your up-and-coming workforce has some expectations your organization should be ready to meet. For starters, they don't expect to be tied to the home office, and you'll need a robust document management application that's up to the task.

Can Your Document Management System Provide Protection From Internal Threats?

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Most of us view threats to our saved information as originating from one source—cybercrime. Experience has taught us that not all threats are external, and employees regularly put data at risk. Internal threats to your information happen when employees unknowingly engage in risky behavior.

Employees may store information on unprotected mobile devices or save it in a public cloud platform without strong password protection. They may click on the wrong file and send sensitive information to employees in another department.

The 5 Benefits of Document Management Software

document management

Document management software isn't new. It has evolved significantly over the years. In the beginning, document management was nothing more than scanning your documents and then using key terms to search for those documents.

Collaboration Opportunities with Document Management

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When the business world talks about document management, almost everyone is focused on cutting costs, streamlining workflows, and minimizing waste. All of those are important goals and huge benefits of document management, but the truth is that they don't fully capture the things this solution can do. At its heart, document management is truly a collaboration tool--and here's why.

Document Management Tips: 4 Ways to Go Paperless

document management

Document management makes everything easier, from communication to cost savings, but did you know that it can also help your company go paperless? Most "going green" initiatives in the past would come with certain levels of stress, especially if they were expensive to implement--but with the paperless solutions provided by document management, it's easier than ever to make peace with Mother Nature and your budget.

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