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Mimaki JFX200

Wide Format, Inkjet
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You want to increase revenue and profit, and your customers want to share information in large formats. Grow your business with the Mimaki JFX200, a powerful, entry-level inkjet flatbed printer, which is designed to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.


  • Improve quality with variable dot printing
Print on virtually any substrate (even wood, stone and tile) up to two inches thick and up to 4x8 feet. After the flatbed printer is installed, just connect it to a computer and you're ready to go to work. The Mimaki JFX200 fits into virtually any print environment because it has its own front end and raster image processor (RIP) system. Media that moves during printing is a disaster in the making. Fortunately, the Mimaki JFX200 includes layout pins to secure the media, and a scale that you can use to check its position before you print.