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Mimaki JFX500

Wide Format, Inkjet
Manufactured by:
You're looking for an easy new revenue stream, and your customers want to share information in big, bold ways. Accomplish both goals with the Mimaki JFX500, a high-performance inkjet flatbed printer, which prints on any substrate (even wood, stone and tile) up to 2 inches thick and up to 4x8 feet in size.


  • Improve quality with variable dot printing
  • Minimize the banding effect
  • Operate with the environment in mind
After the printer is installed, just connect it to a computer and you're ready to start producing beautiful large-format jobs. The Mimaki JFX500 fits into any print environment because it has its own front end and RIP system. Media that moves during printing is never a good thing. You can use the Mimaki JFX500's layout pins to secure the media and a scale to check its position before you print.