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Scanning Solutions

The Benefits of Scanning Solutions

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If your research on scanning solutions brought you here, you might be expecting a list of equipment you could buy, processes you could change, or problems you could solve--and while those are important steps, it's also crucial to understand why scanning solutions are worth it. They're inexpensive, efficient, and easy to implement once you have a plan in place, but the real power comes from all the benefits you should expect.

Scanning Solutions: Lease Your Scanners!

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If you're researching scanning solutions, then you're probably focused on details like software and workflow processes. That's good--but have you stopped to consider how you'll get the machines that make those solutions possible? Here are a few reasons why leasing is the best way to put scanning solutions to work in your business.

Scanning, Copying, Printing: Choosing Perfect Vendors

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When it comes to scanning, copying, printing, or anything in between, you need a vendor who offers solutions instead of excuses and measurable benefits instead of exhausting expenses. Want to find a vendor like that? All it takes is a little bit of homework!

Scanning Solutions: The Magic of Document Management

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Too often, scanning solutions and document management are treated as separate entities--but the truth is that they work together beautifully. When you know how to combine them, you can start enjoying doubled benefits, which means more time and money saved and even less stress!

How Scanning Solutions Save Time and Money

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The best solutions handle multiple problems at once--and that's exactly what you can expect when you turn to innovative scanning techniques. By streamlining your processes, scanning solutions save you time and money, all without interrupting your workflow.

Can You Lease Scanning Equipment?


When it comes to scanning solutions, there's a lot to consider--but here's something that'll make your decisions easier: you can lease scanning equipment. It's a simple yet powerful choice, and you might just be surprised when you see all the benefits of choosing to lease instead of buy. Let's take a look.

Put Your Scanners to Work

Scanning documents

If you have a scanner or multifunction copier and you’re not using the scanning function to make work easier and more efficient, it’s time to take a closer look at what it can do. Scanning is a simple way to dramatically change your document handling, offering your business new possibilities for storage, backups, and collaboration.

Scanning Solutions Tackle the Archives

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If you're looking for better ways to handle archival duties, look no further than your scanner. Whether on its own or paired with a document management service, scanners have the ability to change the way you handle and store documents.

How to Start

There are a few different methods that can help you handle archiving.

Scanning Solutions: Using Document Capture

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Using your office equipment to enhance your day to day operations is smart; using your office equipment to maximize time and money savings is genius. Scanning solutions offer quick and easy ways to gain those big benefits, and all you need is a scanner or multifunction printer.

Your scanner or scanning option on your MFP comes standard with options to use document capture to revolutionize your document handling. Today we'll look at how to harness the power of document capture.

Easy Scanning Solutions: Scan to Google Drive

Scanning documents

There are many different office tools and solutions used by any given organization. Using cloud-based applications is increasingly popular. Google Drive is one such application, which makes sense. Gmail and Gmail suite apps are frequently used in every industry, and in education and more. Google Drive is easy to use and works great for collaboration, storage, and sharing.

You can use your scanner to scan directly to the cloud, including Google Drive. This helps you save time, money, and hassle. Here's how.

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