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IT Management and the Cloud

IT Management and the Cloud

Managed IT Services play a crucial role in many of today's businesses. From network infrastructure to security and backups, having a trusted partner to help you handle all your office technologies helps you leverage the benefits.

The relevance of cloud storage continues to grow, and many business owners are seeking ways to utilize all the cloud has to offer. At CPC Office Technologies, our Managed IT Services are a perfect match for the cloud.

Take Control with Document Management

document management

Data, data, data.

You hear about it, work with it, try to control it. Companies that have moved to digital documentation know that data management matters. Storage, access, indexing, and transfer are just a few of the concerns that arise when handling a switch from paper to digital documents. While converting to digital practices is a smart choice, managing all that data once you do is difficult without help.

Make Invoicing Easier

IT management

For businesses that rely heavily on invoicing, the process can be awfully time-consuming. If you are looking to update and improve your invoice processes, let CPC Office Technologies help.

Time Savings

Utilizing your office systems is the first step to better invoicing. Here are a few things you can do to increase time savings:

Your Copier Questions, Answered


If you are in the market for a new office copier, you probably have some questions. Selecting office equipment isn't as simple as buying the best-looking device on the shelf; there are numerous considerations that factor into the purchase. At CPC Office Technologies, we can help you find the equipment you need to make the most out of your daily practices. Here are some of the questions you might have about your copier purchase.


Be Prepared with IT Management

IT management

Planning for a disaster is seldom at the top of any business owner's to-do list, but it's crucial to do that kind of preparation with today's technology. More and more information and critical business functions rely on technology -- from cloud storage to contact information, client information to accounting records. So what happens in the event of a catastrophe or malfunction? Are you prepared for the worst case scenario?

Managed IT & the Doctor's Office

IT management

Today's technology has the ability to revolutionize the doctor's office. From easier billing and check in practices, to digital storage for patient files, it's easier than ever to maintain compliance and treat patients inside and outside the examination room. At CPC Office Technologies, we support new initiatives and processes with services like Document Management.

Technology & Healthcare: A Perfect Match

Utilizing your printers, copiers, and multifunction products, you can:

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Copier?


Though spending money on new office equipment rarely makes any business owner's list of favorite things, it may be necessary. Not only that, but it may make a big difference in overall productivity, and save you money in the long run. Here are some tips to help you determine whether you should invest in a new copier.


Let Us Handle (managed) IT

IT Management

It's okay to ask for help; especially when it comes to your IT network.

DIY only works if you have time, and for many businesses, time is a valuable commodity -- and often hard to come by. IT networks demand a lot of time and energy, and that's not always feasible for in-house IT departments. At CPC Office Technologies, we give your network the TLC it needs so that you can spend your time elsewhere.

When you choose Managed IT from CPC Office Technologies, you can be assured you're getting the best:

Let's Talk Going Green

Document Management

On your list of long-term goals, initiating green initiatives is probably one of the more daunting items. Many businesses believe that "going green" is a one-time action, a sweeping collective that changes policy and function. However, we believe that going green is a process, and there are steps you can begin taking immediately. At CPC Office Technologies, we offer tips and solutions to help your office go green and save.

Long-Term Success with Managed IT

IT Management

Investing time and money into technology can often feel like a burden. It often changes, new threats emerge daily, ongoing issues can plague your IT team. Just keeping up with IT needs is usually the main goal, so getting ahead or planning for future growth take the back burner.

At CPC Office Technologies, we believe there's a better way. Our Managed IT service helps you use your IT strategically and offset costs.

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