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Plan Data Recovery with IT Management

Disaster recovery usually makes it on the list of "need to do; haven't done yet" items. Business owners know that planning for the worst is important, but it's hard to conceptualize and plan for something that seems so unlikely. However, not planning ahead and not securing a business continuity strategy can be devastating if something were to happen. Too many businesses have had to suffer great financial losses, or worse, close down entirely, because they did not prepare for the worst case scenario.

Make the Most of Document Management

Adding a new Document Management service is an exciting step for the future of your business. This service enables you to take control of your overall document handling, boosting productivity and setting you up for long-term success.

In order to maximize the benefits of document management, it's smart to adopt strategic moves that highlight the strengths of your office and the service itself. Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your document management service.

Why Scan?

With scanning solutions from CPC Office Technologies, you have a whole new world of opportunity at your disposal. Utilizing your scanner, or upgrading to a new scanner or multifunction system is an easy way to harness those possibilities. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should scan more.

Avoid These 3 Copier Buying Mistakes

Shopping for a new copier can often be daunting and time-consuming. There are many brands and models, and numerous features to consider. In addition, the cost is often a key factor. While you may already be researching with your specific needs -- such as PPM, paper tray sizes, duplex, and so forth -- there are a some other things to keep in mind. Here are three mistakes many businesses make when buying a copier.


Managed IT & Cyber Security

When asked whether they have ever dealt with a cyber security issue, most individuals and businesses would answer with a resounding yes. No one is safe from security issues in the digital era: from minor annoyances like phishing scam emails to larger catastrophes such as identity theft, we face threats every single day.

Businesses must invest time and energy into security in order to keep up and running. Depending on the industry, organizations might also have additional measures required to keep sensitive data safe.

Going Paperless is Easier Than Ever

With advancements in mobile technology and recent trends like BYOD (bring your own device), it's evident that the way we do business has to adjust to customer and employee behaviors. Businesses that are stuck in the old ways of doing things might see this as an inconvenience, or worse, a threat. This is an excellent opportunity for business owners.

How Scanning Revolutionizes Invoicing

Few things in business are more rewarding than finding a solution that saves you time and makes processes easier. And sometimes, those solutions can be found right in your office. Put your scanner to work and find new ways to simplify your invoicing process. Here's how.

Be Kind to Your Copier

Office equipment can be a big investment, and it's well worth it to take care of your devices to ensure you get the most out of that investment. Here are a few ways to ensure you are being kind to your copier, printer, or multifunction unit.


Do You Need Managed IT?

For many businesses today, the decision whether to keep IT in-house or add a managed service provider is a no-brainer: they simply cannot keep up with the challenges of ever-changing technology, so they must have a trusted partner. Others are on the fence: they are just not sure whether Managed IT is worth the added cost.


Healthcare Providers & Document Management

Healthcare providers are constantly working to improve patient care, and that includes information and data management. Partnering with a Document Management service provider can help elevate and improve your patient relationship by ensuring you have a more effective system for documentation.

Document management offers healthcare providers a new way to manage documents while also boosting security. With easy storage and access, and a range of protections to keep patient data safe.

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