Office Equipment Leasing

When deciding what is best financially in terms of office equipment for your company, there is the question of buying or leasing. However, if you want to forecast your budget more easily and accurately and save on maintenance costs, leasing is the option for you. If you want to focus on other business matters when your device needs repair, the maintenance options provided in a lease agreement are the most ideal.

Why Should You Lease Office Equipment?

Even though you may save overall when choosing to buy your equipment, the setback to that approach is that you will have to pay for maintenance and upgrades. As technology is always innovating every few months, you may see eventually that your device is outdated and needs to be replaced.

  • A lease agreement would include a maintenance contract, so that your device can be restored quickly and therefore reducing downtime on productivity.
  • This maintenance would include repairs, parts, supplies, travel costs, and preventative measures so that your device will always run smoothly.
  • When leasing your equipment, you get the chance to extend or renew the lease. This could include more discounted pricing or an upgrade to the latest device.

You may notice that leasing equipment is more expensive in the long run for your company. You also don’t have to be tied to a contract. However, there are some perks to consider when leasing.

  • A lease agreement gives you flexibility on monthly payment options, and you can choose from different lease durations. Leasing has become increasingly popular due to not requiring out-of-pocket investments for your business.
  • You will have better cash flow management than if your company was to take out a loan or use another form of financing. This creates a better forecast for company budgets.
  • Leasing equipment offers tax benefits and a chance to build equity.
  • Because you are not tied to a contract, leasing allows you to be relieved of any responsibilities. You can simply turn in the equipment to the vendor at the end of your lease.

What We Offer at CPC Office Technologies

Here are the types of office equipment that are available for lease:

We provide simple and convenient installation of your device, so you can start printing in just a few minutes. Our printers have fast print speeds and high duty cycles, so you can produce dozens of pages in a quick amount of time. At CPC Office Technologies, we also offer Managed Print Services so you can get the most of your printing equipment.

We are also energy-efficient with our printer designs. Our Energy Star-qualified printers make it easy to print heavy amounts with reduced energy and supply requirements.

Our other features include:

  • Duplexing capabilities: so you can cut down on paper usage
  • Internal memory: so you can do fast reprints
  • Card stock ability: so you can print out envelopes and other media types

Learn more about our printer services here.

Industries We Serve

We offer CPC leasing to several industries, and we tailor their technology solutions to meet their specific business needs. Our leasing agreements are another reason why our clients in these industries have been with us long-term.

Browse Our Products

We offer a wide variety of network-ready devices. Our devices print in B&W, color, or both for individuals, workgroups, or enterprises. To view the full catalog, click here.

What Are the Leasing Terms?

Our leasing prices for office equipment depend on the type of machine you choose and their maintenance requirements. Also, a longer lease will usually have a lower monthly payment than the other durations.

Our Leasing Terms:

  • We offer various lease agreement durations.
  • We can work with your cash flow schedule, so your monthly payments can be paid with ease.
  • Along with your lease agreement, we provide a maintenance agreement so you won’t have to pay for repairs.
  • We offer in-house financing and competitive interest rates.
  • We have buy-out options without penalties, if you should choose to own the equipment.

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