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Get Your Mail Out Faster Than Ever

CPC Office Technologies helps clients get their information out in a variety of ways. Our standard printers enable you to produce documents quickly. Our multifunction systems allow you not only to print documents but scan and distribute them digitally as well.

For many businesses, mailing physical documents is still a necessary part of their operations. However, manually processing and sending out thousands of letters and postcards can be a time-consuming and tiring task. This is where CPC Office Technologies' first-rate mailing systems, also known as postage meters, come in. With this equipment, businesses can streamline their mailing process and save valuable time, money, and effort.

CPC's postage meters are designed to handle large volumes of mail, making it easy for businesses to process and send out a high volume of documents quickly and efficiently. This not only saves time but also reduces the potential for human error that can occur when processing large volumes of mail manually.

Another benefit of using CPC's postage meters is that they can help businesses save money on postage costs. By using the right postage rate for each item, businesses can avoid overpaying for postage and keep their mailing costs under control. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that send out a large volume of mail on a regular basis.

Industries that benefit from postage meters

Benefits of CPC’s Mailing Systems

A mailing system from CPC enables you to:

  • Process dozens or hundreds of letters per minute
  • Calculate postage rate by weight automatically
  • Track and manage your mailing expenses better
  • Enhance your business image with customizable messages or slogans
  • Save as much as 5% on USPS® rates for Express Mail™ and Priority Mail™

Manufacturers we work with

  • Quadient
  • KIP


Additional Mailing Products

CPC can provide you with a wide assortment of other mailing products:


Fold your documents quickly and precisely. Folders and inserters can automate the process of folding and inserting documents, saving employees time and increasing efficiency. This allows businesses to process and send out documents more quickly, which can be especially beneficial for companies that handle large volumes of mail in-house. 

Address Printer

Make your mail look professional without buying preprinted envelopes. Address printers can ensure that addresses are printed accurately and consistently, reducing the likelihood of errors occurring with manual address labeling. This can help ensure that mail is delivered to the correct recipients, reducing the risk of returned or undelivered mail.


Many postal regulations require mail pieces to be tabbed to qualify for lower postal rates. A tabber can help businesses comply with these regulations and save money on postage costs. Tabbers can automatically apply tabs or labels to mail pieces, saving employees time and increasing efficiency.  Apply stamps and tabs to thousands of mail pieces in a matter of minutes.

Letter Opener

Letter openers can automate the process of opening mail, saving employees time and increasing efficiency. Manual letter opening can result in damaged mail pieces or contents while using a letter opener can help reduce the risk of damage. This can help ensure that mail is delivered to the correct recipients and reduce the risk of returned or undelivered mail. Process your incoming mail with maximum efficiency.

Mail Center Furniture

Make your mailing processes even easier with durable tables, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture.

iMeter Apps

Purchase apps for your iMeter to track your mail and expenses better.

Managed Print and Other Services

In addition to our available hardware, CPC has services to help your workplace operate as productively as possible. To learn more, click the links:

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