teacher helping two students in school

Information Challenges for Schools

For schools and other organizations involved in education, handling documents is a difficult and important task.

State and Federal regulations require schools to retain student records for many years. As time goes along, this can lead to issues regarding storage space and expenses. Both students and the institutions themselves could face even greater inconveniences if documents get damaged or lost.

In addition to storing and managing records, schools frequently need to print class materials and other documents. This can further add to their expenses, especially if they don’t watch their printing processes carefully.

How CPC Office Technologies Can Help

CPC Office Technologies helps educational institutions keep their information secure and organized.

Our stock of scanners and multifunction systems allow schools to convert their paper documents into different digital formats. From there, our Document Management Applications give them the ability to:

  • Index and save records securely
  • Extract important information from records quickly
  • Find records though a full-text search
  • Meet FERPA requirements for the privacy of student records

CPC can also help school protect their information through our Managed IT services. We can keep records backed up and safe from system crashes, malware and other threats.

Our stock of printers enables educators to produce high-quality documents with low costs and energy usage. Teachers can also use our durable, innovative digital displays and whiteboards to keep students engaged during lessons. Users can collaborate with others and share information via images and videos.

For more information on how CPC can help organizations in the education field, contact us.