3 Huge Reasons for a Copier Upgrade

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Though spending money on new office equipment rarely makes any business owner's list of favorite things, it may be necessary. Not only that, but it may make a big difference in overall productivity, and save you money in the long run. Here are the three big benefits of upgrading your copiers, plus some tips to help you determine whether it's time to make the upgrade.

Accounting Office Equipment: The Why, What & How

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You ask a lot from the office technology in your accounting firm--and you should, because that's exactly what tech tools are for. However, if you don't have the right setup for your needs (or don't know how to make that happen), you could be losing out on some significant benefits. You might even be wasting time and money.

Here's everything you need to know about optimizing accounting office equipment.

How To Improve Network Security for Your Accounting Firm

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Network security is a significant consideration for every business, but when it comes to accounting, the stakes couldn't be higher. After all, you're protecting the personal and financial data that influences your clients' lives--which means even the smallest misstep could have serious consequences. Here are a few tips to take control of your accounting firm's network security.

Increase Accounting Profits With Internal Cost Controls

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For many businesses--especially those in the financial industry, such as accounting--profitability can feel like it's completely controlled by external forces. The good news is that, while the outside world may change, there are plenty of internal controls that save money and time for your accounting firm. Here's how these solutions increase profitability.

Best Ways To Boost Efficiency In Accounting Firms

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Accounting firms have a lot to handle. From sensitive information and private data to life-changing tasks and stressed-out clients, the financial world brings plenty of challenges--which is why your accounting firm needs to be organized, streamlined, and most of all, efficient. Here are all the best ways to boost efficiency without cutting corners!

Solving Law Firm Printing Pains

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It is essential for law firms to take proper measures to ensure the best security of their documents. Cyberattacks and vulnerabilities can occur even after documents are stored and printed. Utilizing tools such as PaperCut print management software can help your firm achieve safety and security, while making your overall printing process more cost-effective.

CPC and PaperCut Offer Cloud Print Solutions

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One of the key solutions we offer to our clients at CPC Office Technologies is document storage. With this feature, you get access to our secure cloud file server in your workplace or on the go.

This solution allows you to retain and share your business information safely and securely either through a web-based interface or with a software plugin. Cloud-based storage is the easiest way to store your files and streamline your workflows.

How CPC Office Tech & PaperCut Address Paper Waste

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While remaining dedicated to our clients’ workflows with our business solutions, CPC Office Technologies is also committed to sustainability. For us, this means reducing paper waste to support and advocate for the environment. Not only is this a conscious effort for us and our clients’ businesses, but it’s also a way to improve the bottom line.

Is Document Management Right for Small Businesses?

small business owners packing documents

No two small businesses look exactly alike--so why should they use the exact same solutions? It's this sound logic that makes many companies hesitate to implement document management. However, the truth is that, just like small businesses, no two document management solutions look alike--and here's why that makes them a perfect match.

Document Management in the Healthcare Industry

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Document management is at home in just about every industry--even healthcare, where the stakes are exceptionally high. Let's find out how document management helps save lives!