Choosing Copiers For Your Law Firm

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Law firms have specific, specialized needs--which means they need accurate, specialized copiers. Here are a few simple tips to help you find that perfect machine!

What Makes Document Management Modern?

All office solutions have "trends"--things that go in and out of style, and may or may not leave a lasting impact on the way we do things. Document management is no exception. However, the features we're about to explore are proving to be long-lasting and efficient--so maybe they're not just trends after all! Not a Stagnant Solution The key to any document management system is staying active.

Copier Conundrum: Standalone or MFP?

Let's face it: just about every company needs to make copies. The only real question is how you're going to make those copies. Is it best to have a standalone machine, or should you invest in a multifunction printer that scans, prints, faxes, , and copies? Worry no more--we're here to help you find out! A Big Choice Some companies might think that choosing a copy machine isn't that big a deal.

IT Management Tips: Choosing a Provider

IT management is only as good as the provider you choose. Excellent providers have the power to protect your data, improve your communication, boost your efficiency, and even save you money--while not-so-great providers can cause more problems than they solve. Today, we'll offer a few tips to help you tell the difference! Good Provider, Bad Provider It's not always easy to decide if you're talking to a good IT management provider or a bad one.

3 Signs You Have Compliance Issues

Many companies turn to document management for help boosting security, improving efficiency, and even eliminating communication problems--but did you know that this solution is also great for helping you get and stay compliant? Here are a few signs that you might have compliance issues (and how document management can help!). Why Document Management? There are plenty of ways to address compliance in your workplace. For example, you could use the compliance rules themselves as a sort of road-map, going down the list one-by-one and finding ways to meet each expectation.

How Smart Law Firms Choose Copier Dealers

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Law firms are all about making smart, careful decisions, so why should that be any different when it comes to choosing copier dealers? Here are a few tips to help you find a dealer who will work perfectly with your firm!

Change the Way You See Scanning With These Easy Solutions!

Scanning solutions can and should be a considerable part of any business. Scanning, after all, can single-handedly improve efficiency, boost security, eliminate communication issues, and more--but the truth is that some scanning setups just don't cut it. Here are a few tips to change the way you see scanning! The Need for Speed One of the biggest problems a company might have with their existing scanner is that it's too slow. Many machines are limited by their design or max capability, meaning that they only handle one document at a time.

Before You Buy a Copier

Buying a copier is a big step toward efficiency, creativity, and productivity in your office--but before you make this important decision, there are a few things you need to know. Read on to find out how to be sure you end up with the copier of your dreams! What to Focus On Buying copiers is one of those things that seems like it should be easy but isn't.

3 Document Management Tips for Going Paperless

It a world that seems to be getting sick of paper but still stuck using it; how can you transition to paperless workflows without causing mass hysteria? Is it possible for the change to be smooth, painless, and efficient? Worry no more--document management is here to save the day. Where to Begin When it comes to a paperless office, there's only one place to begin: document management..

How to Balance Scanning and Storing

When it comes to scanning solutions, some companies feel they've got to go all the way--that is to say, they need to scan every paper in the office before those solutions will do any good. Luckily, that's not the case--and there are some simple ways to strike a comfortable balance between scanning and storing. Make the Most of Scanning Solutions Scanning is such a powerful solution mostly because it's simple. It doesn't require a huge learning curve, it doesn't force you to buy all kinds of expensive new tech, and it can be adapted to fit a wide variety of needs.