Professional IT Management—Your First Line of Defense from Cyber Attacks

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Is your company's sensitive data protected from threats on all fronts? Overlooking even one update or mistaking a phishing attempt for a legitimate information request could have devastating consequences for your business. The Risks No organization is too small or too large to become a victim of cybercrime. High-profile network security breaches may make the news more frequently, but small businesses are in just as much danger and may have fewer resources with which to recover. Here's a look at the risks. Ransomware attacks can drain company revenues as you are forced to negotiate with criminals in an attempt to regain access to your systems. Customers may perceive security lapses as a lack of oversight on the part of company management, ultimately taking their business to the competition. Recovering from a hack can drain revenues to the point that there's nothing left to operate the business. The Solutions You can begin defending your company from cybercrime with some common-sense IT management solutions. Here's a look. 24/7 monitoring — When breaches go undetected, hackers can sell stolen information on the black market, offering it to the highest bidder. IT management providers can monitor your network and respond threats the moment they're detected. Email security — Employees can fall prey to email and online phishing attempts despite your training efforts. IT management solutions that block junk mail and viruses from entering inboxes provides the first line of defense. Email encryption provides additional security. Antivirus protection — Business-grade antivirus solutions protect your systems around the clock, and with an IT management team on taking care of the details, you won't need to worry about missed updates or lapsed subscriptions. It's best to avoid security breaches in the first place. For help protecting your organization from cybercrime, contact us at CPC Technologies to learn about our professional IT management services today!