Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing

Gain Greater Control Over Your Printing

Left unchecked, your office's printing practices can quickly drain your budget. Research has shown that excessive printing costs can add up to thousands of dollars per year for just one office worker. To maintain productivity and maximize profitability, it's crucial to regulate and influence printing within your workplace.

With CPC Office Technologies' Managed Print Services, you can regain control over your printing operations. Our Rules Based Printing solution empowers you to:

  1. Manage your printing expenses and reduce waste: Take charge of your printing costs by implementing strategies that minimize unnecessary printing and optimize resource utilization.

  2. Prevent information theft or misplacement: Ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive documents by setting rules that restrict access to authorized users only.

  3. Foster a greater sense of responsibility throughout your workplace: Encourage responsible printing behaviors and promote sustainability by establishing guidelines and practices that align with your organizational goals.

Serving the Gulf Coast and Southern Alabama

Advantages of CPC’s Rules Based Printing

Rules Based Printing provides a comprehensive set of features to help you streamline and optimize your printing environment. With our service, you can:

  • Institute waste-reducing practices like duplex printing, reducing paper consumption and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Track and manage the documents printed on your devices, enabling better cost allocation, resource planning, and auditing capabilities.
  • Make mobile printing more convenient and secure, ensuring that your employees can print from their mobile devices while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Set fixed printing quotas for users, groups, or departments, allowing you to control and allocate printing resources effectively.

Other Features of MPS

In addition to Rules Based Printing, CPC's Managed Print Services offer a range of additional components to further enhance your printing practices. Explore the following features for a comprehensive printing solution:

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