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Scanning Solutions: OCR Tech

optical character recognition

Scanning solutions are a great way to "get ahead" in the business world. They save money, improve organization, boost security, and more--but do you know what makes all of this possible? One important aspect is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, and today, we're giving OCR the attention it deserves.

What is OCR?

OCR tech was designed to read, process, and essentially "understand" documents the same way your eyes and brain do. It works like this:

How to Choose the Right Copier Dealer


Choosing a copier dealer is one thing; choosing the right copier dealer is another--and the difference is pretty important. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision for your business, your budget, and your needs!


IT Management: What You Need to Know About Network Assessments

it specialist

Network assessments are a big part of IT management--but many companies still aren't quite sure what that's all about. Today, we'll take you through a network assessment so you understand what they are, how they work, and why they're great news for your business!

What Document Management Can Do for You

document management

It's great to hear that document management has a long list of benefits, but how does that help you? Today we'll show you how to tell exactly what document management can do for your budget, your communication, and your company overall.

3 Simple Scanning Solutions

scanning documents

Interested in implementing scanning solutions, but unsure where to start? Wondering if you'll have to put in a lot of work before you see results? Worry no more--here are three simple scanning solutions to help you "break in" and get started.

Copiers: Buy or Lease?

pros vs cons

Of all the things you need to focus on when it comes to choosing the perfect copier, you shouldn't have to stress about whether you're buying or leasing. Instead, let us help by showing you the pros and cons of each choice!


Why IT Management is Perfect For Nonprofits

non profit team

It's not every day that you can call an IT solution "perfect," but that's the case when it comes to IT management: it's truly a perfect fit for nonprofit organizations. Here's a closer look at everything that makes this such a great match!

How Document Management Benefits Employees

document management

There are all kinds of reviews and discussions about how document management benefits budgets, workflows, and efficiency--but how does it benefit the people who use it? Today we'll take a look at why employees love document management, and how it helps them stay inspired, invigorated, and happy.

Scanning Solutions for Law Firms: OCR

optical character recognition

OCR, or optical character recognition, is one of the most useful scanning solutions currently available--especially for law firms. Today, we'll show you exactly what OCR is, what it does, and why it's so useful.

Copier Tips: Best Paper Practices

best practice

By now, you know that copier maintenance is pretty important, and that copiers last longer and work better when they're properly cared for. However, did you know that protecting your copier means you also have to be careful about how you use paper? Here are the best paper practices to adopt in your workplace!

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