Why Update Your Office Printers and Copiers?

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Staying current in the business world means a lot more than it did before the onset of sophisticated technologies. Rapid changes combined with an increasingly tech-driven business environment means you can't afford to lag behind the competition. Don't Forget Your Printers and Copiers Today's printers and copiers can play a critical role in your company's day-to-day business processes, and their functionality goes far beyond printing and copying documents. Let's take a look at some key considerations when it's time for an update. List Your Core Requirements Paperless processes for everything from mailing a letter to ordering supplies are readily available, but most offices still require physical documents at some level. Begin by listing your requirements and considering the available features. Text or graphics — Are your business document requirements limited to black-and-white text or do you require high-quality color printing capabilities? These requirements will help determine what type of equipment is best for your needs. Page-per-minute — A printer that's rated too low will underperform, especially if you're in a document-intensive business with high-volume printing requirements. Check with your provider to make sure your equipment selection matches your print volumes and speed requirements. Finishing features — Some systems include options for a professional finish. Consider a stapling or hole-punching feature to save time. Security — Are your old copiers putting your data at risk? Take security into consideration when deciding when it's time to update. Scanning solutions — With the right multifunction system, you can access scanning solutions to route documents to a variety of digital locations and formats. If electronic document management is in your future, don't overlook this critical feature. For some businesses, dedicated scanning solutions can help streamline the process and free up multifunction systems for other users. For more insight into your equipment needs, get in touch with us at CPC Technologies to start the conversation today!