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The How and Why of Scanning for the Healthcare Industry

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Today's scanning solutions have the potential to radically improve the way healthcare organizations manage records. As one of the most document-intensive industries, any solution that lessens the sheer volume of paperwork is a welcome relief for healthcare workers and their employers.

Here's a quick view of how advanced scanning solutions can help healthcare organizations digitize their record-keeping processes and why that's a very good idea.

Dealing With a Cranky Copier?

person frustrated by out of order printer

Most of us take very little notice of the office copier when everything is working great. When something goes amiss, however, we realize how much we depend on our copier to keep everyday processes on track.

When You Can Fix It Yourself

Here's a look at some common copier issues and what you can do to get back to business ASAP.


Cybercrime. Why It's Too Soon to Let Your Guard Down


Data breaches have become a regular part of the news; so much so that businesses and individuals alike are in danger of growing complacent. The truth is, it's never a good time to let your guard down, and social engineering attacks are on the rise. From stricter government compliance mandates to new tactics from hackers, your need for a robust IT management solution is higher than ever.

Get Out of the Office More Often With Document Management

document management

Your up-and-coming workforce has some expectations your organization should be ready to meet. For starters, they don't expect to be tied to the home office, and you'll need a robust document management application that's up to the task.

Choosing a Scanning Solution

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If you're thinking about switching from paper-based processes to electronic document management (and you definitely should be!), then you'll need to take a look at scanning solutions. A multifunction system with a scanning feature is always a good option. However, if you're dealing with a lot of incoming documents or scanning years of archived files, a dedicated scanner can save time while leaving your multifunction system available for other tasks.

Copier? Printer? Multifunction System? What Are the Differences?


If you're a little fuzzy about the differences between copiers, printers, and multifunction systems, that's understandable. The terms are often used interchangeably, but there are significant differences between these three types of imaging technologies. Here's a look at the capabilities and features commonly found in devices from each category.


Choosing an IT Management Partner for Your Healthcare Facility

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Proactive IT management is essential for any organization, but for the healthcare industry, the well-being of your patients is at stake. When choosing a Managed IT Services partner, be sure the level of support they offer can meet your critical demands. Here's where to start.

Can Your Document Management System Provide Protection From Internal Threats?

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Most of us view threats to our saved information as originating from one source—cybercrime. Experience has taught us that not all threats are external, and employees regularly put data at risk. Internal threats to your information happen when employees unknowingly engage in risky behavior.

Employees may store information on unprotected mobile devices or save it in a public cloud platform without strong password protection. They may click on the wrong file and send sensitive information to employees in another department.

Getting Started with Scanning

scanning documents

There are a wide variety of reliable scanning solutions available for business use. Deciding which equipment to lease or purchase will depend on your company's unique mix of requirements.

3 Ways to Protect PHI on Your Copier

hipaa on tablet

If you recently purchased or signed a lease agreement for a new copier, don't assume the new device is automatically HIPAA compliant. The idea that any copier is HIPAA compliant just because it includes the latest security features is a misconception. While technology can help your healthcare facility maintain document security, it's how your staff uses the equipment that determines compliance.

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