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Can Your Document Management System Provide Protection From Internal Threats?

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Most of us view threats to our saved information as originating from one source—cybercrime. Experience has taught us that not all threats are external, and employees regularly put data at risk. Internal threats to your information happen when employees unknowingly engage in risky behavior.

Employees may store information on unprotected mobile devices or save it in a public cloud platform without strong password protection. They may click on the wrong file and send sensitive information to employees in another department.

Getting Started with Scanning

scanning documents

There are a wide variety of reliable scanning solutions available for business use. Deciding which equipment to lease or purchase will depend on your company's unique mix of requirements.

3 Ways to Protect PHI on Your Copier

hipaa on tablet

If you recently purchased or signed a lease agreement for a new copier, don't assume the new device is automatically HIPAA compliant. The idea that any copier is HIPAA compliant just because it includes the latest security features is a misconception. While technology can help your healthcare facility maintain document security, it's how your staff uses the equipment that determines compliance.


How to Choose the Right SMB Tech Support


If you are a small business, you have no doubt struggled, at times, with tech support. Often, the most tech-savvy person in the office becomes the default person to help you get your computers working.

If you've identified that it's time to hire a company to help you with your small business desktop support or your small business network support, you might want a simple guide to help you know what to look for. Consider these four areas of expertise while conducting your search.

The 5 Benefits of Document Management Software

document management

Document management software isn't new. It has evolved significantly over the years. In the beginning, document management was nothing more than scanning your documents and then using key terms to search for those documents.

4 Reasons to Go Paperless

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It's been over 40 years since the term "paperless office" was coined. It seems that every generation of copiers and printers has given us bits of that promise and we might finally be in a place where the paperless office can become a reality.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Printer?

Refurbished Printers

To buy new or not to buy new. Is that the question? Manufacturers are creating advanced technology for their printers every year. They are providing new ways to integrate into the technology that you use every day. It is very compelling to have the latest in technology on your printing device to get the most out of your printer. 

But, should there be a consideration for a refurbished printer? At CPC Office Technologies we believe there are three reasons why you might consider a refurbished printer over a brand-new printer.


IT Management Tips: A Disaster Recovery Wake-up Call

disaster plan

We all know disaster recovery and emergency preparedness are important parts of every company, but how often do you think about either of these things? The truth is that disaster recovery processes can't just be created and then forgotten about--and here are some alarming facts that will make you want to keep those processes at the forefront of your mind.

Collaboration Opportunities with Document Management

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When the business world talks about document management, almost everyone is focused on cutting costs, streamlining workflows, and minimizing waste. All of those are important goals and huge benefits of document management, but the truth is that they don't fully capture the things this solution can do. At its heart, document management is truly a collaboration tool--and here's why.

The Benefits of Scanning Solutions

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If your research on scanning solutions brought you here, you might be expecting a list of equipment you could buy, processes you could change, or problems you could solve--and while those are important steps, it's also crucial to understand why scanning solutions are worth it. They're inexpensive, efficient, and easy to implement once you have a plan in place, but the real power comes from all the benefits you should expect.

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