3 Signs You Have Compliance Issues

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Many companies turn to document management for help boosting security, improving efficiency, and even eliminating communication problems--but did you know that this solution is also great for helping you get and stay compliant? Here are a few signs that you might have compliance issues (and how document management can help!). Why Document Management? There are plenty of ways to address compliance in your workplace. For example, you could use the compliance rules themselves as a sort of road-map, going down the list one-by-one and finding ways to meet each expectation. The unfortunate part of a plan like this is that it's inefficient and potentially frustrating--and, in truth, you're probably missing out on a lot of the benefits you could enjoy with a more holistic approach. Take, for example, document management. By addressing problems at their source rather than just treating symptoms, you can boost compliance while improving efficiency and working on better communication--all without wasting money, cutting corners, or introducing frustrating new rules that upend your workflows. Document management helps you do all that and more. Red Flags Here are a few signs that you might have compliance issues--and what to do about it! All employees use the same login information. Communal usernames and passwords are easy to remember and quick to enter, but they're not good news for access control or document security. Shared login information can lead to some significant compliance issues--but luckily, document management can help you find a solution that preserves that ease and efficiency without compromising security. No one knows the "rules." Document rules--for example, who can access what, or which files shouldn't be copied--need to be explained and enforced at all times. Confusion leads to compliance issues and potential security threats. Document management helps you create, implement, and define rules that fit your unique needs, allowing you to improve compliance without complicating workflows. There are no digital trails. If you don't have digital trails or audit trails in your company, you've got a compliance issue on your hands. Document management makes it easier than ever to track data through every step of its life-cycle reliably--and then it helps you utilize this information to make improvements or address inefficiencies. Are you worried about compliance issues? Hoping document management can help? Contact us today to get started!