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5 Questions to Jump Start Your Interview with a Managed IT Provider

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Is your company searching for an IT management partner? IT issues can slow down your business, and it's essential to partner with someone you can trust.

Here are a few helpful suggestions for selecting the best IT management provider for your company.

  1. What do they have to say about their company and their IT management strategy? Every company knows what they're capable of better than anyone else, so ask away! They should be free about providing you with a brief history of their company along with their current capabilities. They should also be forthcoming about their team's experience and credentials and provide you with first-hand testimonials from satisfied clients.
  2. Do they partner with technology providers you can feel right about? Look for strong relationships with industry-leading technology manufacturers. A wide variety of technology partnerships also means a wide range of products and services from which to choose. Be sure to inquire about names you don't recognize—there may be companies providing cutting-edge technologies you've yet to explore.
  3. Do they offer other services and products? Comprehensive IT management requires a holistic approach. There's a real benefit to selecting a company that can also provide support for your print environment through managed print services along with extensive document management solutions.
  4. Do they offer industry-specific technology solutions? Depending on your organization, partnering with an IT management provider like CPC Office Technologies may provide you with targeted solutions specific to your industry. CPC has experience delivering tailored solutions for a wide variety of sectors.
  5. What do they offer in terms of support? You don't need on-again, off-again IT management—you need 24/7 support for your network and a provider that will respond when issues come calling. At CPC Office Technologies, you can depend on proactive and emergency assistance and all-day, all-year-around network monitoring.

Ready for some peace of mind in 2019 and beyond? Contact us at CPC Office Technologies to start the conversation today!