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Can Your Company Afford to be Hacked?

data breach

Are you doing enough to prevent a data breach? Read on to find out what's at stake if you're not prepared.

An Expensive Mistake

If you're not sure how well your company could fend off a security threat, it's a good idea to take a look at how much a data breach could cost you.

You'll need cash and lots of it.

Data breaches don't come cheap, and while a large organization may be able to stand the loss, even Fortune 500 companies take a hit in the form of massive fines and stock losses. For your SMB, the costs will begin piling up the moment criminals enter your system, and it could take months for you to realize you've been hacked. As you start the long process of cleaning up, you'll face emergency IT fees, new software and equipment purchases, and employees on the clock with nothing to do. You'll also need to pay fines, and you could end up in court.

You'll need to let everyone know, including your mother.

Even if your friends and clients eventually forgive you for letting criminals access their private information, the internet won't be so kind. A preventable data breach is a massively embarrassing situation, and you'll need to tell everyone, from government auditors to your most loyal clients. And yes, even your mom will find out. The hard truth remains that, even if you can get your hands on enough cash to ride out a data breach, your reputation doesn't have a price tag.

A Less Expensive Solution

Professional IT Management companies can help you navigate the network security wilderness, and there's no reason to proceed without a guide. IT Management experts can work with you to fend off the bad guys, keeping your systems, your bank account, and your reputation intact.

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