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Choosing a Scanning Solution

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If you're thinking about switching from paper-based processes to electronic document management (and you definitely should be!), then you'll need to take a look at scanning solutions. A multifunction system with a scanning feature is always a good option. However, if you're dealing with a lot of incoming documents or scanning years of archived files, a dedicated scanner can save time while leaving your multifunction system available for other tasks.

Scanning Basics

Converting to digital processes is going to save your company money and bring about new efficiencies. Electronic document management capabilities reduce the cost of filing and storing paper documents and make it much faster and easier to access, share, and collaborate on information.

To begin, let's look at some standard features and scanning terminology.

  • Simplex scanning: Automatically scans one side of a document at a time for basic scanning needs.
  • Duplex scanning: To speed up the process, scanning solutions with that automatically scan the second side of the page are critical.
  • ADF: ADF, or auto document feeder, automatically feeds documents from the tray onto the scanning bed. As a time saver, this feature is essential.
  • DPI: DPI, or dots per inch, is an important consideration if you're concerned about image clarity. Keep in mind that using a higher DPI may slow the scanning process.
  • PPM: PPM, or pages per minute, measures scanning speeds. Keep in mind that the PPM listing on some scanning solutions may refer to speeds for the lowest DPI and that higher image qualities will naturally result in fewer PPM.

There are other considerations when choosing from among the industry's wide variety of scanning solutions. Will you want to scan plastic cards? Do you require compatibility with a variety of operating systems? And don't forget to ask about data encryption and user authentications to keep your confidential data secure.

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