Document Management Benefits for Your Law Office

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Your legal firm creates and stores thousands of documents every year. The way you manage these documents can make a tremendous difference in day-to-day productivity and ultimately, your firm's year-end balance sheet. Forward-thinking legal teams recognize that adopting an electronic document management system can save them time and money. The Document Management Advantage A look at the benefits of document management reveals a long list of compelling benefits for the legal industry. Eliminate paper processes. While a document management system won't eliminate your need for paper processes completely, it can replace them as your primary solution for managing information. You'll reduce not only the time spent on generating, storing, and securing paper documents; you'll also reduce your need for costly storage solutions. Streamline the filing process. Filing documents using traditional procedures is time-consuming. Scanning to a document management system streamlines the process by providing preset folder templates and giving you the option to predefine specific file names. Locate files in a few seconds. Document management eliminates the time wasted by lengthy searches for information. Using metadata and OCR, document management provides full-text search functions to locate documents in a few seconds. Gain more control. Document management eliminates the confusion caused by outdated information. Audit trails provide a record of edits, and version control features allow users to track changes. Automated retention features delete documents from the server based on preset data. Secure your files. Email has never been the safest way to send files, and with a document management system, you'll have a secure alternative. Users can safely share legal documents with a variety of authorized users. Role-based security solutions keep unauthorized persons locked out of confidential files. Ready to spend more time with your clients and less time on tedious paperwork? Contact us at CPC Office Technologies to get started today!