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The How and Why of Scanning for the Healthcare Industry

medical staff in office

Today's scanning solutions have the potential to radically improve the way healthcare organizations manage records. As one of the most document-intensive industries, any solution that lessens the sheer volume of paperwork is a welcome relief for healthcare workers and their employers.

Here's a quick view of how advanced scanning solutions can help healthcare organizations digitize their record-keeping processes and why that's a very good idea.

The How

Modern scanning solutions allow healthcare facilities to streamline their internal processes, and it all starts by digitizing information as quickly as possible after it enters the system.

Scanning solutions, whether on stand-alone dedicated devices or as a feature of a multifunction system, allow healthcare workers to capture documents and convert them to a variety of digital formats. From there, OCR technology reads and extracts information, automatically routing it to the correct file, individual, workflow, document management system or storage repository.

Your Why

Your healthcare organization's scanning solutions can be your bridge between paper documents and digital workflows. The benefits are numerous, and include:

  • Lower costs for printing documents.
  • Virtually no storage requirements or the costs associated with storing massive amounts of paper files.
  • Improved workflows as workers automate processes and eliminate the need to physically retrieve paper records from cumbersome storage systems.
  • Increased ability to comply with HIPAA patient privacy regulations.
  • Improved patient care due to faster access to individual histories, prescriptions, medical diagnostics, and more.
  • Improved collaboration among medical professionals, no matter where their office is located.
  • Faster insurance processing.
  • Fewer transcription errors due to a decreased need for manual data entry.
  • Automatic data integration with existing business processes.

We've barely begun listing the benefits of scanning for your healthcare organization. For more information about scanning and other state-of-the-art solutions, contact us at CPC Technologies today!