Prepare for Disaster with a Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
In today's information-rich world, organizations must manage almost unbelievable amounts of data. Protecting that data is an ongoing challenge, given that today's security threats are continually evolving. While you can't eliminate every security risk, a robust IT management solution that includes data backup and recovery solutions can make your company's outlook much brighter. IT Management Backup Solutions Businesses impacted by catastrophic events culminating in data loss often don't survive. From the loss of their collective knowledge to a tarnished reputation, companies without a backup and business recovery plan are forced to start over or close their business for good. Here's how to make sure your company is prepared for the worst. Onsite Backup Solutions A robust IT management solution can include managed backup software and external hard drives for additional data storage. On-premise data storage with backup software is your first line of defense. Cloud Backup Services Cloud-based storage solutions are a low-cost way to protect your data. A flood, fire, or other disasters could destroy your on-premise backup solutions, but data stored in the cloud will still be available to you. Offsite Solutions Offer Additional Protection If no amount of data loss is acceptable to your organization, a business continuity solution that mirrors your applications and data at least every 15 minutes keeps your backed-up information as current as possible. With everything stored in an offsite data center, your business has a better chance of surviving a server outage, hardware crash, or other disasters. Data encryption adds an extra layer of protection. Could you access your data following a natural disaster or hardware failure? For help implementing a data backup and recovery solution, contact us at CPC Office Technologies to get started today.