The Right Way to Choose a Managed IT Provider

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Technically speaking, there are lots of ways to choose a managed IT provider. You could rely on Internet research, ask a friend in the industry, or maybe even call around--but there's only one right way to choose a provider who will stick with your company through thick and thin, and that's to ask all the best questions. Asking Questions The most important thing to remember with this approach is that when it comes to managed IT, your needs are your most important consideration. Sure, details like costs and payment plans are a pretty big deal--but if you do not see real, measurable benefits, it's not worth paying for the solution in the first place. That's why your best bet is to start by asking yourself a few questions and then moving on to ask potential providers a few questions. Ask Yourself: "What are we doing well?" It's important to take a moment and reflect on how your company is succeeding. These are the ideals and solutions you'll want to hold on to and maybe even use as examples when making changes. "Where are we struggling?" Of course, it's equally important to understand where your weaknesses are and how you hope to improve. "How might our needs change in the future? Remember to look at the forest and the trees when considering your IT needs. Things can change quickly, and it pays to be ready for anything. Ask Providers: "Do you have the services we need?" Here's where that homework pays off. You should be able to make sure a managed IT provider's services match up with the needs you identified earlier. "What is your stance on security?" Security is crucial. If a provider isn't too worried about it or doesn't take the time to explain their approach, they're likely not a good fit. "Can we see some references?" References can help you make sure a managed IT provider is professional, reliable, and experienced. Ready to see what managed IT services can do for you? Looking for that perfect provider? Contact us today!