Scan and Shred Your Confidential Documents

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
scanning important documents

One of the easiest ways to prevent business identity theft is to convert paper documents into digital formats. Criminals are always on the lookout for paper documents carelessly tossed into the trash or accidentally left behind in a public area.

Start Scanning Now!

Even documents that seem useless could be stolen and the information sold to a competitor. To address the issue, use your company's scanning solutions and get busy putting these documents into a secure digital document management system.

Employee files — When you stop to think about the information stored in your company's HR files, it's obvious why they'd be valuable to a thief. From names and addresses to social security numbers, there's identify theft gold in every file. Reduce your risk and deploy one of your scanning solutions to route them digitally to a document management file. Shred the originals.

Company financial documents — Thieves would love to come across a canceled check or bank statement in the dumpster behind your office. Don't give them a chance. Use your multifunction system or scanner to capture and digitize all of your financial documents that are currently in hard copy formats, then shred the originals.

Credit cards — Expired company credit cards are valuable to thieves. They can use them to open new accounts in your name and run up massive amounts of debt before you know what's happened. Use your shredder and reduce your risk.

Tax documents — W-2, 1099, and W-4 forms contain a wealth of confidential information. If you've been storing these and other tax documents on paper, run them through your scanning solutions and take the originals to the shredder!

What kind of sensitive information does your company have lying around? Contact us at CPC Office Technologies for the latest scanning solutions today!