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Scanning Solutions Tackle the Archives

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If you're looking for better ways to handle archival duties, look no further than your scanner. Whether on its own or paired with a document management service, scanners have the ability to change the way you handle and store documents.

How to Start

There are a few different methods that can help you handle archiving.

Document management is the easiest way to approach a massive overhaul of both converting documents to digital formats and of helping your office go completely or mostly paperless. This service makes it simple to convert documents, and it radically changes the way your office deals with documents of all sorts.

Without document management, you have a few different methods. First, scanning and converting documents in batches let you slowly and gradually reformat and store old documents. If your archives are taking up several filing cabinets, this may take a while, but it's absolutely possible -- you just have to be patient.

Some are able to use camera-enabled devices to scan documents, making the process much quicker. Depending on the devices you're using and the quality you need, this may be an excellent solution for your business. One thing to note: if you're scanning old documents that are experiencing fading and they are important to preserve, you'll need a high-quality scanner to capture the characters.

Where to Put Things

When you begin the digital archival process, you must have a plan in place. Will the documents be stored on a hard drive? Or will you scan them to the cloud? How will you back up? Does your network support this? Is it secure? As you can see, there are a lot of questions to be answered. However, addressing these concerns early and making a plan will help ensure this is done correctly and securely the first time.

Ready to take on archiving via scanning? You don't have to go it alone. We have information and solutions for any business type or scanning plan. Contact CPC Office Technologies today!