HP Inc. Introduces Integrated Security Offering

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 12, 2021 - HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today introduced HP Wolf Security, a newly integrated portfolio of secure by design PCs and printers, hardware-enforced endpoint security software, and endpoint security services to protect customers from growing cyber threats.

HP Wolf Security’s Blurred Lines & Blindspots Report also released today highlights that the global volume of cyberattacks has increased 238% during Covid, with hackers particularly focused on targeting remote workers. The company’s new HP Wolf Security platform builds on over 20 years of security research and innovation to offer a unified portfolio for customers focused on delivering comprehensive endpoint protection and cyber-resiliency.

“The future of work will be more distributed than ever before, with a growing number of people working from multiple locations outside the office. This will unlock exciting new opportunities for greater mobility, but it also creates new vulnerabilities,” said Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), HP Inc.

HP Wolf Security’s Blurred Lines & Blindspots report reveals that endpoints connected to the internet were experiencing 1.5 attacks per minute globally in 2020. As a result, 91% of IT decision makers surveyed said they spend more time on endpoint security now than two years ago, with a further 91% reporting that endpoint security has become just as important as network security.

HP has long been a leader in PC and printer security. By uniting the company’s security offerings into a single platform for customers, HP is addressing a growing customer need for comprehensive and resilient endpoint infrastructure and cyber defense.

“As the importance of endpoint security continues to grow, we saw an opportunity to create a more integrated offering for customers to simplify security and stay ahead of future threats,” said Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security, Personal Systems, HP Inc. “The leading technology of the future will be secure by design and intelligent enough to not simply detect threats, but to contain and mitigate their impact, and to recover quickly in the event of a breach, which could happen at any time, to any one of us. HP Wolf Security is a new breed of endpoint security tailored for the future of work.”

Rooted in Zero Trust principles, HP Wolf Security harnesses state-of-the-art technologies to reduce pressure on IT. From self-healing firmware, in-memory breach detection and threat containment via virtualization, to cloud-based intelligence, HP Wolf Security delivers comprehensive protection by: shrinking the addressable attack surface; enabling remote recovery from firmware attacks; enhancing threat data collection; and delivering high fidelity alerts.

The newly integrated HP Wolf Security portfolio is categorized by:

  • HP Wolf Security for Home includes a set of built-in security features for select consumer PCs as well as HP Wolf Essential Security software and services. HP Wolf Essential Security is included on select home printers.
  • HP Wolf Security for Business includes a portfolio of hardware-enforced security features, included with every business PC purchase, designed for businesses of all sizes.  
  • HP Wolf Pro Security, devices, software and services for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • HP Wolf Enterprise Security, devices, software and services for enterprises and government.

HP adds Sure Access Enterprise8 to HP Wolf Enterprise Security to Defend Mission-Critical Applications from Cyber threats

New to HP Wolf Enterprise Security is Sure Access Enterprise, which applies HP’s unique isolation technology to ensure critical applications are completely safeguarded from any malware lurking on a user’s PC. HP Sure Access creates hardware-enforced micro-virtual machines (VM) that can protect key applications – forming a virtual air gap between the application and the host PC. The application and data is securely isolated from the host OS, and any malicious actors that may have breached it. This unique, hardware-enforced approach helps by:

  • Securing key tasks such as remote sysadmin activity of mission-critical systems.
  • Allowing users to work securely on multiple virtual Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) on a single device.
  • Securing browser-based access of critical applications.

HP introduces HP Wolf Pro Security platform for small and mid-sized businesses

HP redefines PC security for small and mid-sized customers with the announcement of HP Wolf Pro Security. HP Wolf Pro Security integrates Threat Containment based on micro-virtualization, Malware Prevention based on Next-Gen Anti-Virus, and Identity Protection – all integrated with HP’s hardware security capabilities to deliver superior protection that is simple for IT to acquire, deploy and operate.

  • Threat Containment raises the bar in endpoint protection by providing protection that doesn’t rely on detection. Hardware-powered micro-virtualization performs full isolation of threats delivered via all the most common threat vectors, without impacting user experience.
  • Malware Prevention is a complete Next-Gen AV that uses a combination of AI-based techniques, like deep learning, and behavioral analysis to provide advanced malware protection through predictive detection.
  • Identity Protection provides defense against credential phishing attacks for all popular browsers.
  • Integrated with HP’s built-in hardware security capabilities such as Application Persistence, OS Resiliency and Physical Tamper Protection.

Today, HP also announced a new Flexworker offering with HP Wolf Security that allows IT departments to boost workforce productivity while helping to protect corporate networks and data.  This new extended Managed Print Service (MPS) allows IT departments to arm hybrid workers with secure, company-approved printers that can be monitored and automatically remediated if a device falls out of compliance with corporate policies. 

In addition, HP Wolf Essential Security is included with HP+ smart printers, with 24-7 built-in Security. HP+ printers with Smart Security help consumers and small businesses stay two steps ahead of hackers, helping to prevent potential malware attacks and stop your information from ending up in the wrong hands.

To support the launch of HP Wolf Security, HP has created a series of creative videos, depicting common security scenarios that have come about due to the shift to remote working during the pandemic. These include: a child clicking on a phishing link when using a parent’s laptop, a compromised printer being used to send malicious spam to the rest of the company, and an IT team being blindsided by a cyberattack. These videos, starring Christian Slater as ‘The Wolf’ – who walks the line between good and bad, putting to use his hacker mindset to show how an attacker might operate – help to demonstrate the impact of such events.