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Document Management 101

 Document Management

Document Management has become a staple in today's technology-driven business world. It's easy to forget that not every organization has made the switch to a document management service. For those who have not yet joined the document management revolution, here is a brief guide to help you understand why this service is so integral to so many offices.

Lesson One: Intro to Document Management

First, let's talk about what document management is. Document management is a way to store, manage, track, and control all of your electronic files. All of your files are stored safely in the cloud. If your business is using digital archiving, has begun digitizing old paper documents, or relies on electronic documentation for workflows, client information, or remote collaboration, document management can do wonders for your efficiency.

Lesson Two: Intermediate Document Management

Now that you know what it is, we can talk about what it can do. In addition to storing your files, document management offers a variety of benefits that you can tailor to your specific needs. Some of the options include:

  • Security: control access, keep documents safe, and have all your data backed up
  • Compliance: ensure regulatory compliance
  • Workflows: track and route documents efficiently
  • OCR: capture documents with our advanced OCR technology
  • Access: easily search for documents using intuitive indexing

Lesson Three: Advanced Document Management

Regardless of your business size or unique needs, document management from CPC Office Technologies has you covered. Work smarter, not harder, and realize how simple working with digital documents can be with our exceptional document management applications. This service makes it easier to:

  • Collaborate across branches
  • Store sensitive information
  • Implement new initiatives
  • Authenticate users and emails
  • Annotate documents
  • Control every aspect of electronic documentation
  • ...and more!

Contact CPC Office Technologies today to put your newfound knowledge into practice with Document Management.