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Easy Scanning Solutions: Scan to Google Drive

Scanning documents

There are many different office tools and solutions used by any given organization. Using cloud-based applications is increasingly popular. Google Drive is one such application, which makes sense. Gmail and Gmail suite apps are frequently used in every industry, and in education and more. Google Drive is easy to use and works great for collaboration, storage, and sharing.

You can use your scanner to scan directly to the cloud, including Google Drive. This helps you save time, money, and hassle. Here's how.

Set up your scanner

You can set up your scanner or multifunction copier quickly and easily to find your Google account. First, find the Google Drive app. Next, use your browser to sign in to your Google account. Some organizations create a Google account that is just for the scanner -- this might be a good option if you're worried about security, or don't want to have to sign in and out every single time you use it.

You'll also want to set and configure the scanning options. This can be anything from color/monotone to resolution; it can also include the default file type -- setting to PDF for a default file is typical. You can also choose JPG or PNG if you want your scans to automatically go to that format.

Don't forget about security

With all of your office equipment, be sure to configure any security settings you need to ensure your data is safe. This might be encryption, pin numbers, or any other settings you would like to have as default.

There are lots of ways to use your scanner to help boost productivity, make your office run more efficiently, and keep your important documents safe. Learn more by contacting CPC Office Technologies today!