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Kick Start Productivity for the New Year with a New Copier

productive resolution

The stereotypical broken-all-the-time office copier has such a reputation for causing frustration, that it's a rich source for corny workplace jokes. The jokes may be an effective way to relieve stress, but it's rarely funny when reality hits home, and your employees can't do their jobs.

Uptime is Quality Time

Whether it's your copier, printer, or multifunction system, your employees are more productive when all of your devices are in good working order.

While investing in a new copier may be a significant financial step for your company, the rewards are easy to quantify. Here's how a new copier, printer, or multifunction system from CPC Technologies can improve productivity for your business.

  • More quality time — When employees have to waste time figuring out how to accomplish their tasks, they're not working on those tasks. A copier that's ready when your employees need it is an invaluable productivity asset for your business.
  • The right copier for the job — Are you using the right equipment for the job? Frequent equipment breakdowns may be a sign that you're exceeding your copier's monthly duty cycle. Consistently asking your copier to outperform the manufacturer's specifications rarely has a good outcome. Replacing it with a copier that matches your current requirements will lessen downtime.
  • Expert support — When your business invests in a new copier, you're getting more than a new device. By selecting your copier from CPC Technologies, you'll have access to expert technicians and a supporting suite of managed print services to help you get the most value from your print environment.

Ready to jump-start your team's productivity for the new year? A new copier can help make it a reality. Contact a CPC Office Technologies team member today!