How to Simplify Paper Handling and Boost Productivity

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Person scanning a document

Do you have a scanner or multifunction printer? If so, you’re ready to take on scanning solutions that will revolutionize your paper handling.

How Scanning Solutions Can Help Your Business Today

Paper documents are one of the biggest burdens in today’s business – thousands of hours lost to filing, finding, and sharing them, and thousands of dollars eaten away by the various expenses attributed to them. Scanning is a simple way to reduce time and money when it comes to your important files.

Scan to Anywhere

Using your scanner or multifunction device, scan paper documents directly to the place you need it. Scan to email, scan to a file, or scan to the cloud and easily share or store the important documents you’re working with. Scanning to electronic sources is an efficient way to back up or safely store your paperwork.

Utilize OCR

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is the advanced technology inside your devices that makes it simple to convert paper documents to digital formats. This technology understands how to convert each character into a readable form – whether you scan to PDF or other document type, OCR has you covered.

Boost Productivity

Changing the way you handle documents changes your productivity levels. It’s a simple formula: when documents are easy to store, find, edit, archive, and retrieve, less time has to be spent dealing with bulky filing cabinets or stacks of forms. Employees can access any documents they have security clearance for, and you can see who has edited or shared proprietary files.

Stay Safe

Digitizing documents and storing them electronically is a secure method of safeguarding and archiving your data. There are so many different options for security, and you can stay in control of access, editing, and more.

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