Scanning Solutions: OCR Tech

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
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Scanning solutions are a great way to "get ahead" in the business world. They save money, improve organization, boost security, and more--but do you know what makes all of this possible? One important aspect is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, and today, we're giving OCR the attention it deserves.


What is OCR?

OCR tech was designed to read, process, and essentially "understand" documents the same way your eyes and brain do.

It works like this: When you look at a document, the first thing you notice is the basic elements--paragraphs, images, additional material, and more. OCR does the same thing.

Next, you recognize individual elements--lines, words, and characters. This is an automatic process for the brain, something you might not even realize you're doing, but OCR does it carefully and purposefully in order to understand the entire document.

With this information, you're able to interpret meaning. For OCR tech, it's not quite so simple. The system has to take scanned data and compare it against an internal database, matching characters and symbols so that it can reconstruct a new (but usually identical) version of the document.

Who knew scanning solutions could be so intelligent?


Benefits of OCR

Using OCR tech takes scanning to a whole new level. Let's take a look at the benefits of OCR!


OCR makes it possible to efficiently interact with scanned documents by copying text, searching for keywords, identifying images, and more.


If you were to manually copy a document, you'd probably make plenty of mistakes and a fair share of typos--but OCR tech makes thousands of comparisons against its internal database before creating the final version of a file. That's just one of the many reasons why OCR is so trustworthy.


By helping you make the most of scanning solutions, OCR tech helps you rely less on physical files--which means you won't have to pay so much for paper, ink, energy, and storage.


Scanning solutions with OCR tech can do all kinds of great things for your business. Contact us today to find out how!