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Scanning Solutions: Using Document Capture

document capture

Using your office equipment to enhance your day to day operations is smart; using your office equipment to maximize time and money savings is genius. Scanning solutions offer quick and easy ways to gain those big benefits, and all you need is a scanner or multifunction printer.

Your scanner or scanning option on your MFP comes standard with options to use document capture to revolutionize your document handling. Today we'll look at how to harness the power of document capture.

What is Document Capture?

Document capture is simply the process of scanning a paper document to a digital format. Scanners use OCR software to understand the contents of the document. You typically have numerous options for the sort of file you'd like it to be -- JPEG, PDF, and so forth.

Rather than just copying an image of whatever it is you're scanning, document capture and OCR capture the data itself. This then makes it simple to store, find, archive, and retrieve files. You can do any of this based on file type or the data within it. For example, you can search for a word and pull up all the available files that have that word.

Who Benefits from Document Capture?

Anyone who uses documents or data of any kind can find value in converting paper documents to digital formats. Invoices, customer information, new hire paperwork -- these are just a few of the documents that are scanned every day in businesses across the globe.

Utilizing digital formats also elevates your security measures, and it enables you to store information off-site or in the cloud. This means you're better prepared in the event of a catastrophe or business interruption.

How Do You Use Document Capture?

Document capture is easy for anyone to use. Simply scan a document as usual (on the tray or in batches) and follow the steps to designate the file type, target location, and more. Your scanner or multifunction printer is equipped to handle any of these processes, and most of today's office equipment is fairly easy to use and understand.

If you don't have a scanning device, if you need help figuring out the document capture process, or if you want to know about even more scanning and business solutions, contact us today!