Security at the Copier

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 11/10/2020 - 14:51
Security is a critical concern for today's business, and most companies take every precaution to ensure the highest levels of protection. Keeping client information private, protecting business plans, and avoiding malicious attacks are just a few of the issues business owners focus on regarding security. One often overlooked area of concern, however, are office systems. Whether you are shopping for a new copier or revisiting your existing equipment, CPC Office Technologies can help you view your system with a secure lens. Here are a few tips to get you started on your security overhaul. Hard Drives The majority of existing office equipment has internal hard drives that automatically store everything that passes through. This can be an issue when hackers gain access, or even when you get rid of old copiers. The fix: Encrypt data and traffic Clear hard drives before disposal or resale Security You already know (and likely already have in place) computer virus and malware protection are a must have. But, do you know if your office equipment is also covered? The fix: Ensure copiers and other equipment are covered by the same security measures as your network Check for updates periodically Consider adding Managed IT Policies Many offices lack a clear security policy, and even more, companies neglect policies related to office equipment. Having policies helps you prioritize security protocols and help your employees understand that their actions matter. The fix: Establish a security policy that includes office equipment Add authentication measures like passcodes or badge scans at the copier Appoint an administrator to follow through and be available for training Security is critical for your office, and your office equipment is no exception. If you have questions, need to upgrade your office equipment, or want to add additional services to boost security, contact CPC Office Technologies to learn more.