Cut Costs at the Copier

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cutting costs

If you are like most business owners, saving money is high on your list of priorities. Savvy business owners know that reducing costs is key to boosting profits, but many aren't quite sure where to start.

Evaluate Paper Costs: Start with Copiers & Printers

Here's a tip: cutting costs can be as easy as taking a close look at your paper costs. Copiers and printers are real workhorses in the office, but oftentimes they generate much higher costs than they need to. Many offices don't consider paper-based expenses when it comes to saving money, and, in fact, many organizations don't actually know how much they are spending on print costs overall. These costs can really add up. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to start saving money this way. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Check Your Office Printer Settings

When it comes to printers and copiers, there are many settings that can easily reduce the amount of supplies your office uses. For example, printing in draft mode is a great option for internal documents where having high quality is not important. This setting can significantly reduce the amount of ink or toner used, resulting in substantial savings. Another smart option is using duplex, or double-sided, printing. By defaulting to duplex printing, you can cut your paper usage in half. Additionally, setting black-and-white printing as the default option instead of color can save you money on expensive color ink or toner cartridges. These simple adjustments can add up to significant cost savings over time. So, take the time to review your printer and copier settings and make the necessary adjustments to reduce your supply usage and save money.

Assess the Need for Printing

To implement new habits or guidelines for printing and copying, it's important to communicate the importance of reducing paper usage to your team. Encourage them to think twice before hitting the print button and to question whether a document really needs to be printed or if it can be saved digitally. Consider implementing a system where employees have to provide a reason for every print job, and track the number of pages printed by each team member. By doing so, you can identify which departments or individuals are printing excessively and work with them to find ways to reduce their paper usage. With a little effort and communication, your team can easily adopt new habits that will save your business money in the long run.

Consider Upgrading

Centralizing your printing or upgrading to multifunction printers can be beneficial to many offices. Newer technology uses less energy, requires less maintenance, and offers better efficiency than your old equipment. While you will have the initial expense for new office systems, you'll see savings in the long run.

Utilize the Cloud

The cloud is a game-changer in terms of cost-saving measures for businesses. By utilizing cloud computing, you can reduce the need for paper-based documents and streamline your operations. Cloud storage is a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to store and share important documents. Instead of printing documents to share with colleagues or clients, you can simply upload them to the cloud and provide access to those who need it. This not only saves you money on paper and printing costs, but it also saves time and increases productivity. Additionally, cloud-based document management systems allow for easy collaboration and version control, ensuring that everyone is working off the most up-to-date information. So, consider implementing cloud-based solutions in your office to reduce paper usage and save money.

Find a Partner

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